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Timber Sash Windows across the South East

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Traditional aesthetics perfect for heritage properties

Live in a traditional-style home and looking for authentic sliding windows? Our wooden sash windows are able to retain the classic charm of heritage and traditional properties thanks to their period features. Featuring Georgian bars, run-through sash horns and deep bottom rails, our timber sashes remain faithful to the appearance of traditional sash windows used throughout the 20th century. If it’s authenticity you’re after, timber sash windows from Newview might just be the perfect match for your property.

If you’re unsure if timber windows are the right choice for your home, why not take a look at our blog piece entitled ‘uPVC, Timber or Aluminium: Which window material is best for your home?‘. You can also look at an example of our past work by looking at this timber window case study.

Timber sash style options

Newview timber sash windows are available in four different sash options, depending on your choice of glazing – all the way up to 24mm thick double glazing. Each style has its own unique appearance, but generally speaking, the thinner panes give more scope for detailing and a more traditional appearance. This means that you’re able to meet any conservation requirements, or choose a style which suits your personal preferences.

• Ebernoe: 4-10mm (single glazing)
• Petworth: 16mm
• Amberley: 20mm
• Mayfield: 24mm

Manufactured the way you want

At Newview we give you the choice of timber sash windows made with either weights and pulleys, or spiral balances. Sash windows made with weights and pulleys function like traditional vertical sliders and use ball race pulleys and brass ironmongery to provide a smooth and long lasting window action. Box sash windows which incorporate weights and pulleys can be installed in deep reveals, and are ideal for heritage properties where authenticity is key.

Alternatively, we can manufacture our wooden sash windows using spiral balances – windows which are more suited to modern properties. Spiral balance sash windows don’t require to the deep reveals needed to install traditional box sashes, and can be fitted into the standard brick reveals of newer properties. Uniquely, they can be installed with an optional tilt facility which provides the window with added versatility when it comes to ventilation and security. They are also incredibly durable, using hardware which has been tested to over 10,000 cycles.

Materials to suit you and your property

At Newview, we like to offer you choice, which is why our wooden sash windows are available in a wide range of timber styles to match your performance and aesthetic requirements.
Our timber selection:

• Accoya wood – High performance, durable, long life modified timber
• European Oak – Sustainably sourced and strong timber with a distinctive grain pattern
• European Redwood – A highly stable and durable wood sourced as laminated stock
• Sapele – West African sourced hardwood offering moderate durability and a unique finish

Timber sash window colours and finishes

Prior to installation, all of our timber sash windows are treated to provide your home with the highest levels of weather protection. On top of this, we can also offer you a choice of how you want your window finished – with either an opaque or translucent finish.

Opaque finishes preserve the appearance of the woodgrain in the window frame and provide high levels of protection from adverse weather, while translucent finishes are designed to replicate the look of a painted sash window. With both finishes, you can choose a colour which perfectly suits your home’s exterior.

Energy efficient and low maintenance

Whilst our timber sash windows focus heavily on authenticity, you can be assured that isn’t a compromise when it comes to performance. With 24mm double glazing available, our wooden sash windows are capable of being very energy efficient and soundproof. Both our pulley and weight and spiral balance frames have recorded U-values as low as 1.5 W/m²K which demonstrates their impressive insulating properties.

In terms of maintenance, all of our sash windows incorporate a gasket draining rebate which allows moisture to ventilate to the outside. This drastically reduces the chances of interior condensation and contributes to a window which requires minimal attention to keep it looking like new.

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