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Secondary Glazing across the South East

secondary glazing sash windowsRealise the benefits of Secondary glazing

Secondary glazing involves fitting an extra, slimline window to your existing window frame and can reduce heat loss through your windows by up to 50%. At Newview, our secondary glazed windows are expertly fitted to create an air gap between the window panes. This helps to insulate your property, improving your home’s energy efficiency and reducing outside noise. Your home will be warmer and your heating bills significantly reduced with our secondary glazing options.

If you live in a city or near a main road or airport you could benefit from a quieter living environment. Secondary glazing can be installed in both single and double glazed windows. A thicker window will provide increased security and protection from the outside world.

secondary glazing on window looking out to seaIdeal for Listed Buildings

Listed buildings are often fitted with their original single glazed windows. It can sometimes be difficult to obtain the necessary planning permission to replace your doors and windows. Secondary glazing could be the ideal solution to improve your heritage home.

Fitting secondary glazing on the inside of windows is considered a reversible alteration. Your period property will retain its traditional exterior while becoming more secure and energy efficient. Our secondary glazing is fitted using slimline sub-frames. Their subtle appearance and excellent functionality will improve the style of your home’s interior.

Secondary glazing from Newview

Our secondary glazing can be fitted into any style of window or property. Your home will be instantly improved with our glazing expertise. We are a FENSA registered company, so all our products are of the highest quality and our installers are the best in the business.

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