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Composite Windows across the South East

composite windowsThe pinnacle of window security and efficiency

Looking for a window that represents the pinnacle of both energy efficiency and security, whilst simultaneously retaining an authentic look? Composite windows from Newview are the solution for you!
  • Green-friendly and totally unique – Engineered using unique 100% recyclable fibre composite material, our composite windows are ethical as well as long lasting. Plus, all of our timber is sustainably sourced.
  • Low maintenance – Our products are designed to weather the elements over long periods – allowing you to relax.   
  • Highly thermally efficient  First designed to brave the cold climates of the Canadian heartlands and the tundra of Scandinavia, the innovative 6-chambered profile, spread across a distance of 86mm is a heat-trapping system like no other in profile design.
For this reason, Newview’s composite windows are not only great insulators, but can be considered at the cutting edge of innovation.

Composite windows suitable for any style property

All of our composite windows can be tailored to your precise specification, in any shape or style. Rectangular, square, and even triangular frames can be fabricated upon request, giving you complete control over your home’s aesthetic.So, whether your look is classic or modern – or even if you’re trying out a more left-of-field design – we’re sure to be able to help.Despite their ability to incorporate a wood-effect style finish, composite windows are a fantastic choice when it comes to achieving a modern look also. The sleek lines of their aluminium cladding ensure that they benefit from the unique shine uPVC and timber can sometimes struggle to achieve! At Newview, we take extra effort to meet your exact specification whilst never compensating on thermal insulation and optimal security.

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If you have any questions about our services or you’d like to speak to us about a project, please get in touch