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Improved airflow for all living spaces

through wall vent

Although a moot point for many modern homeowners, ventilating your home is often just as important as heating your home if a healthy lifestyle is desired. Whilst blocking air might make sense for the prevention of draughts and rattles, if air is not circulated properly it’s highly likely that properties will suffer from bad smells, persistent damp, and other long term issues.

Here at Newview, we install various ventilation products such as through wall boxes and baffle boxes to help you avoid these problems, maintaining your home’s energy efficiency and keeping it comfortable throughout the year.

Air and soundproofing for the home

We’re proud to offer homeowners throughout Greater London, Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire the ability to enjoy a well vented home with a range of manual and electric air ventilators that can neatly be fitted on any wall. Housed in a slim-line attractive casing that readily supplies a draught-free supply of fresh air, an active carbon filter silently works to purify the air in any home space.

As well as this more technical approach to home ventilation, our team can treat your property to a range of wall vents and window ventilators that subtly feed through the wall to reduce humidity anywhere fresh air is insufficient. Making sure air can better circulate around your property, you’ll be impressed by how tranquil your environment will become thanks to effective acoustic sound absorption.

Benefits of improved home ventilation:

  • A more oxygenated living environment can aid people who typically struggle to breathe
  • Removes any persistent air pollutants
  • Helps to avoid the appearance of damp and mould
  • Crucial for in-house gas appliances that would otherwise produce carbon monoxide
  • Improved well-being and concentration levels
  • Effective at eradicating dust and reducing pollen in the air

Particularly useful for hay fever sufferers

Pollen can be a particular nuisance for 1 in 4 people during the spring and summer seasons, often symbolising the start of suffering. If you or a family member regularly suffers from hay fever, ventilating using one of our available methods can work wonders to ensure that pollen and spores always stay outside of the home.

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