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Reducing London City Airport Noise: Sound Insulation Scheme (SIS)

Reducing London City Airport Noise

london city airport logoLondon City Airport is recognised as one of Europe’s leading airports for business travel and a major contributor to the local economy and are undergoing a £480million expansion programme over the next 3 years.

Flights in the centre of London bring a huge level of convenience and benefits for commercial and leisure travellers, but they also present the challenge of aircraft noise. London City Airport operate a number of environmental controls to mitigate or minimise the impact of noise from aircraft operations and construction noise on nearby homeowners and residents. 

As approved partners, Newview install soundproofing windows, acoustic ventilation and secondary glazing for properties in the local London City area. 

London City Airport Sound Insulation Scheme

The Sound Insulation Scheme (SIS) offers eligible residents the opportunity to receive a glazing treatment or sound attenuating ventilators to their property. 

The information on this page concerns those that live in or own property in noise contour areas as well as when the property was built.  

If you live further afield you can still benefit from Newview’s soundproofing expertise. for window sound insulation.

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How London City Airport Noise May Be Affecting You

Noise pollution can negatively affect psychological and physiological health and can come from many sources including road traffic, construction noise, neighbours, trains, aeroplanes and other machinery.

Fortunately, London City Airport are fully committed to maintaining positive relationships with the local community and have recognised the role they play in reducing the noise impact on nearby homeowners and residents with the Sound Insulation Schemes. 

To reduce the noise impact of airport operations, London City Airport has a number of existing noise mitigation measures in place, including technology to monitor the impact of its operation on the environment, quieter planes, restricting operations with a view to reducing noise, and working with governments and local communities..

Newview Are A London City Airport Sound Scheme Provider

However, many residents may still be affected. Newview work with some of the busiest airports in the world and are proud to be a preferred provider, working closely with London City Airport to improve the lives of residents. 

Our expertise with sound insulation windows

We’re experts in the installation and technical specifications of industry-leading acoustic glass windows and doors, which yield 22 times more noise reduction than common alternatives.

We also offer sound attenuating ventilators and have helped hundreds of homeowners who live close to London City Airport to improve their home’s acoustic insulation and air quality, and create a more peaceful living environment.

There are added benefits when installing these higher specification products, as they not only reduce noise, but also provide superior energy efficiency and security, combined with modern designs to suit every kind of home. 

Quality of service is an integral part of the Newview ethos. We continually strive to ensure that both the professional quality of our installations and our insistence on excellent customer care are to the highest possible standards. 

What Are The Different London City Airport Noise Schemes?

The offerings and catchment areas for the three tiers of the scheme are slightly different – but all involve a contribution toward a range of noise insulation products, including secondary glazing, double glazing or sound attenuating ventilators for homeowners living close to London City Airport.

Who’s eligible for the various schemes? 

The Airport operates a three tier Sound Insulation Scheme (SIS) offering sound insulation treatment to eligible residential properties which fall within a specific range of noise. Every year the sound contours are re-assessed. This usually results in identification of new eligible properties; these additional properties are published with the airports Annual Performance Report in July each year, and can be accessed here

The London City Airport Sound Insulation Scheme boundaries are based on a ‘noise contour’ that identifies the area most affected by aircraft noise. 

London City Airport noise zones


Approximate map showing the areas covered by the Sound Insulation Scheme

Blue – Tier 1 | Green – Intermediate Tier | Red – Tier 2

What You Could Get: Noise Insulation and Window Replacement

The monetary contribution you’re entitled to varies according to each scheme and eligibility is subject to an initial survey to determine acoustic levels and whether your property has eligible rooms. 

The details below are only shown as a guide and full details of the schemes and potential eligibility can be supplied by London City Airport on application.  

Tier 1 (shown in blue) covers the widest geographical area. Properties within the Tier 1 contour may eligible for works to achieve an average sound reduction of not less than 25 dB. 

  • Properties with single glazing are likely to be offered secondary glazing or thermal double glazing plus acoustic ventilators with 100% of the costs covered
  • Properties with double glazing are likely to be offer acoustic ventilators with 100% of the costs covered

Tier 2 (shown in red)  is for properties which are closest to the airport. Eligible properties within this boundary are offered a higher standard of noise reduction and the scheme has now been enhanced to provide 100% of the cost of high performance double glazing.

Intermediate Tier (shown in green)  is for residential properties exposed to air noise at a noise level of 63 decibels. Only habitable rooms are treated under the scheme, defined as living rooms, bedrooms (not including bathroom or en-suite) and dining rooms.

  • Option 1: Secondary glazing and sound attenuating ventilators, with the installation managed by London City Airport with 100% of the costs covered
  • Option 2: £3,000 (index linked) contribution towards the cost of installing high acoustic performance double glazing and sound attenuating ventilators, with the installation managed by the property owner, or resident with permission from the owner. 

Please note that if option 2 is chosen, there are specific requirements that the windows need to meet in order to qualify under the Sound Insulation Scheme. If the requirements are satisfied, London City Airport will pay the contribution after the windows have been installed.

Further information on the details of the Intermediate Tier is available here: London City Airport SIS Intermediate Tier – Info final

How Do I Apply For Noise Reducing Windows? 

To find out if you qualify for the Sound Insulation Scheme, or if you think you or a previous homeowner missed out on the communication regarding the scheme, firstly contact London City Airport by email to explain the situation and tell them where you live. 

The email address for London City Airport is: sound.insulation@londoncityairport.com

In your email, please clearly state:

  • Your full address, including house/flat number, road name, postcode
  • Your relationship to the property (tenant, leaseholder or freeholder)
  • A contact number

*If you are not the freeholder for the property, you must provide contact details for either the freeholder or managing agent of the property as permission is required from both the freeholder and leaseholder of the property prior to works commencing.

An initial assessment carried out by Newview, will determine whether your property has eligible rooms and if your property qualifies under the Sound Insulation Schemes. We will then arrange a visit to your property by one of our managers to discuss the details of your property, the new products to be installed, explain the process so that you are fully aware of what the installation will involve and address any concerns you may have.

Are You Looking For Soundproof Glazing?

At Newview we have a wide range of acoustic windows and secondary glazing today options for homes in West Sussex, read more about our Soundproof Windows & Doors, or contact us by calling on 01903 244 449 or send us a message.


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