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There’s more to energy efficiency than just A-rated windows

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Although you might not initially think it, there are plenty of ways to produce a positive effect on both your financials and the environment when the time comes to improve your home. Everyone can be a winner, all it takes is the courage and initiative to make our properties just that little bit more energy efficient, and while A rated windows make for a great foundation, the buck doesn’t stop there!

Every property’s energy efficiency and insulation can be accurately gauged by what is known as a U-value. The lower U-value is, the less energy is being used for your home thus saving the money usually required to heat your home. Our standard uPVC windows at Newview can be fitted to deliver U-values as low as 0.8, weather sealing your home so less energy can be used.
There’s more to energy efficiency than just A-rated windows though:

Energy efficient windows are a great place to start when improving the home

Appropriately energy efficient windows are always worth considering, being an effective method of reducing the 35% of heat that is typically lost through the walls of an average uninsulated home. No matter what window material suits your specific home’s budget or taste, thanks to a highly effective multi-chambered internal design amazing heat retention is guaranteed, in timber, uPVC, AND aluminium.

Although the lowest graded energy rating legally required for windows is ‘C’, opting for replacement windows that are ‘A’ rated however makes it easier to not only improve the energy efficiency of your home, but reduce the energy you use and help you save on heating bills. As expressed, A-Rated windows are a great start, but there’s plenty more ways to lower energy usage.

Composite doors that make for a highly insulating front of the home

The ideal choice for homeowners concerned with adding a sense of style, charm as well as unrivalled efficiency towards the front of the home, composite doors remove a lot of the usual draughts, rattles, and cold spots that can sometimes plague the home. Manufactured using a thermally insulated core with an exceedingly high density, they work in a lot of the same ways as A rated windows.

The good news is that although composite doors replicate the authentic aesthetics of an original timber door, they are never at risk of changing with heat over time. This means that they’ll always operate at peak performance, keeping the heat in, cold out and always coming A rated by design.

Lift the lid and improve comfort with your extension

Those lucky enough to have an extension along the side of their home will no doubt like to enjoy the extra space without suffering with any heat leaks or energy loss. Thankfully a high performance roof replacement will ensure that you won’t have to, providing an extra layer of defence whether solid or glazed, against the heat in the home that naturally rises.

Give yourself the gift of a more comfortable home

So if you’re tired of paying more than you should on your energy bills and like the idea of reducing your property’s carbon footprint in the process, consider these appreciated energy efficient products. For more information, call us on 01903 244 449 or contact the team online today.

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