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Why you should take waste recycling as seriously as we do

Recycling, the act of converting waste material into new products, is highly important; the current lack of it has led to a range of serious environmental issues. Here at Newview, we understand it’s importance, recycling 97% of our office waste. Here’s why you should you take it seriously too:

The 3 R’s

A good way to increase the amount of waste that you recycle is to operate by the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. In short, reduce the amount of waste you produce, whilst reusing and recycling products wherever you can. A detailed guide on how you can employ the 3 R’s is available here.

Big companies switching to recyclable material

The extent of the problem is highlighted by the number of large companies switching to recyclable materials. For example, Princes, a major producer of plastic bottles in the UK, is looking to increase the amount of recycled content it uses to more than 50% within four months. However, many other high-profile companies have already increased the amount of recyclable material they use, with others planning to follow suit.

Pollution of oceans & natural landscapes

A lack of recycling, particularly plastics, is polluting our natural environments across the globe. A number of Australia’s oceans are covered in plastic, whilst the Great Pacific garbage patch serves as a bleak reminder of the issues caused by a throwaway culture. Plastic has an estimated half-life of between 450-800 years, meaning damage to our beautiful landscapes won’t be going away anytime soon either. That is unless we begin recycling more.

The knock-on effects of pollution

According to an article by the I, a third of the fish in UK waters contain plastic. Traces of plastic have also been found in tap water, amongst other places. Therefore, plastic pollution, caused by a lack of recycling, appears to be having a knock-on effect. And whilst the harmful effects of ingesting plastic are currently unknown, it’s unlikely to be good for you.

Landfills emit harmful gases

Waste that isn’t recycled tends to go into landfills. However, as rubbish degrades, harmful chemicals and greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere. Recycling more waste leads to less of it going into landfills, leading to a reduction in the amount of harmful gases being released.

Recycling saves energy

It requires more energy to produce new products from raw materials than it does using recycled ones. This means recycling leads to less fossil fuels being consumed. This is beneficial for a number of reasons; fossil fuels are harmful to the environment, plus we are incredibly reliant upon them for a range of everyday purposes. So the less we use of them, the better.

With the world’s population steadily increasing, more waste is being generated every day. Therefore, there’s a rising need to increase the amount of material that is being recycled. Interested in learning more about the importance of recycling? Send us an online message today.

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