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16 new timber windows for happy Richmond homeowners

Richmond 16 timber windows installed

16 new timber windows for happy Richmond homeowners

A historic property whose charm it was important to retain

Quite recently, the Newview team were invited to a historic property located in Richmond, to help two homeowners replace the building’s full suite of original timber windows with our range of high-quality replacements. While we initially discussed the prospect of installing low maintenance uPVC windows or slimline and sleek aluminium alternatives, both parties agreed that staying with timber was the right move to keep the property as authentic as possible.

Thankfully our wooden windows come readily available in a wide range of timber styles, can be supplied from sustainable sources, and alleviate the need to perform vast amounts of maintenance, unlike the homeowners’ previous window units. This combined with the promise of a first-class and dedicated installation service from a committed team, solidified Newview as the team for the job.

wood framed windows fitted richmond

Classic-style timber windows made to meet modern demands

Upon arrival, our team hastily began work replacing each one of the 16 original timber windows that required replacing on the Richmond property. Although fairly straightforward in theory, the apertures themselves were all of varying heights, widths, and sizes, meaning that not one of our timber replacements were the same. Despite this, each was supplied and installed to be weathertight and beautiful, meaning contemporary efficiency and security was a guarantee.

No longer would the couple need to worry about the historical problems that come with such a historical design, as whilst our timber sash windows focus heavily on authenticity, they never compromise when it comes to performance. For this job in particular, each of the 16 windows was supplied with a traditional astragal bar pattern reminiscent of the Georgian era, a subtle touch that makes our modern replacements indistinguishable to the average passer-by.

Rear view of timber windows installed in richmond

A first-class service that left the homeowners satisfied and impressed

The project was completed by our team without a hitch and created a final result that was very respectful yet would help make all the difference in the future. Speaking of their experience, the Richmond homeowners expressed:

“We are very pleased with the quality of the windows and the professional tradespeople you employed.”

Newview: A team that helps homeowners realise their ambitions

We were so happy when the project was finished, both with how well our timber window products integrated with the property’s overall design and charm and with the positive feedback received by the customers. If you’d like to enhance your home similarly or are looking for ways to add a splash of historical appeal, feel free to contact act us online or on 01903 244 449.

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