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London Southend Airport: Noise Insulation Scheme

london southend airport logoSouthend Airport is one of the UK’s fastest-growing regional airports and serves a regenerated Southend and expanding London Gateway.

Although it lies outside of London’s congested airspace and handles a new generation of medium capacity, high-efficiency jets, flights still present the challenge of aircraft noise. 

Southend Airport are aware of their environmental impact and seek to minimise and mitigate noise impact on nearby homeowners and residents by operating a number of environmental management programmes, including the The Airport Sound & Thermal Noise Insulation scheme.

Newview are a Southend Airport Noise Insulation Scheme provider

We work with some of the busiest UK airports, and as approved partners of Southend Airport, Newview install soundproofing windows and secondary glazing for properties in the local Southend area. 

We’re experts in the installation and technical specifications of industry-leading acoustic glass windows, doors and fire doors, which yield 22 times more noise reduction than common alternatives. There are added benefits when installing these higher specification products, as they not only reduce noise, but also provide superior energy efficiency, security and safety, combined with modern designs to suit every kind of home. 

Quality of service is an integral part of the Newview ethos. We continually strive to ensure that both the professional quality of our installations and our insistence on excellent customer care are to the highest possible standards. 

Southend Airport Sound & Thermal Noise Insulation Scheme

The Airport Sound & Thermal Noise Insulation scheme offers eligible residents will be invited to apply for their property to be insulated under the Sound and Thermal Insulation Grant Scheme.

The information on this page concerns those that live in or own property in noise contour areas. 

How noise around airports is monitored

In accordance with the conditions set out in the Section 106 Planning Agreement, London Southend Airport commissions an independent firm of aviation noise specialists to produce noise contours every two years for the summer period. This started in 2012 when the runway extension was opened.

The 63dB LAeq 16 hr noise contour has been used to identify properties which may qualify for sound and/or thermal insulation under the above scheme. 

*LAeq 16 hour is the standard way of measuring aircraft noise around airports and is the measurement the airport is required to use under the Section 106 Planning Agreement. It is the ‘equivalent continuous sound level’, i.e. the average sound level calculated over a defined measurement period.

What are the different Southend Airport noise schemes?

Key points of the scheme are outlined below:

Properties falling within the 63dB LAeq 16 hr noise contours you will qualify for inclusion in the Sound and Thermal Insulation Grant Scheme.

This scheme has been introduced to offer sound attenuation to homes identified as falling within the 63dB LAeq 16hr noise contour. Qualifying homeowners can apply for either:

  • 100% of the cost of installing secondary glazing to the habitable rooms; or
  • 50% of the cost of installing primary double glazing to the habitable rooms; and 
  • 100% of the cost of installing loft insulation of a type at least 270mm so as to improve the sound attenuation of the qualifying property

The airport will offer to sound insulate up to two living rooms and all bedrooms up to a maximum of habitable rooms (i.e. not including bathrooms, conservatories, hallways or kitchens (unless used as a dining area)) in total under the scheme. A landing may be included instead of another room. Where a kitchen and living room are in the same room or where an external door opens immediately into a habitable room then these rooms will be eligible for the Sound and Insulation Grants Scheme.

The homeowner may add rooms or upgrades to the PVC-U windows offered within the scheme at their own cost.

  • The Airport shall have the right to either appoint or specify a nominated contractor or to carry out the work with its own contractors
    Qualifying properties shall only be entitled to 1 grant and once installed any sound insulation (glazing or loft insulation) shall become the responsibility of the property owner/occupier
  • Where double glazing is fitted to a window facing south and this gives rise to solar gain an additional sum of £150 Index Linked (inc. vat) shall be paid for solar shading measures
  • All work carried out under the scheme will be guaranteed for 10 years against defective workmanship or materials
  • Once identified, the homeowner will remain eligible for the scheme for a period of 10 years.

Further details of the scheme can be found on the  Aircraft Noise section of the Southend Airport website.

How to apply for noise reducing windows

To register your interest in the scheme simply contact Jo Marchetti by letter to:

London Southend Airport Co Ltd, Southend on Sea, Essex, SS2 6YF

Or by email at jo.marchetti@southendairport.com

They will take some basic information from you, then we arrange for a surveyor to make an appointment to visit you at home to discuss your individual requirements.

If your property qualifies under the Sound & Thermal Noise Insulation Grant Scheme you will be contacted by the approved Newview to arrange a visit to your property. You can then discuss the details of your property and the new products to be installed, along with any concerns you may have. Our management team will explain the process so that you are fully aware of what the installation will involve.


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