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Home Insulation

Helpful ways to insulate your home other than windows and doors

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Swapping out your home’s existing set of windows and doors for high performance replacements such as those provided by Newview is an efficient way of preventing the escape of heat in your home, but there are other avenues to explore when the ultimate energy efficiency is needed. Heat rises by its very nature, and as such in an uninsulated property up to 25% of heat can be lost through the roof. Insulating your loft, basement and walls in the appropriate manner can prevent this.

Both the age and style of your home will determine in what techniques you should correctly insulate and layer your home, thankfully our knowledgeable team is always on hand to assist you with impartial advice that will always be in you and your home’s best interests. If you live in a typical home that was constructed after 1990, wall insulation will be built in. Houses erected prior to this however could save up to £160 per year after insulation, according to the Energy Savings Trust.

Eradicate those annoying draughts and cold spots for good

Strictly speaking, most houses in the UK will either feature solid walls or cavity walls, with the former being constructed from brick straight through. Homes built after 1920 however will often feature a gap between the brick work, typically referred to as a cavity. Our team can prevent heat from escaping these cavities by providing sufficient insulation, allowing you to enjoy the best performance possible.

Equally, trapping heat in either your loft or basement before it has a chance to seep through your house’s walls can also be an effective and insulating measure. Through the implementation of rigid insulation boards and fire-retardant materials we can guarantee effective loft/basement insulation for at least 42 years, without the use of harmful chemicals or resources. No asbestos necessary.

Saving you money as well as warmth in the long-term

Depending on the style of home you live in (Semi-detached, detaches, mid terrace etc…), having your home’s loft or basement appropriately insulated can save the average homeowner anywhere between £140 and £240 a year alone, and cavity wall insulation can be even higher. Needless to say, after paying the initial installation cost, it won’t be too long before you reap the financial rewards.

If viewed as a long-term financial investment, the decision to insulate your home further beyond a traditional window or door replacement can save the average home a lot of warmth, money and work wonders in terms of improving comfort. Our knowledgeable team members can impartially guide you and explain the process, so if your property is still proving uncomfortable consider these additional forms of home insulation.

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