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Bifold Doors across the South East

Beautifully sleek uPVC, aluminium and timber bifold doors

Instantly giving any desired room a modern, clean appearance, Newview’s selection of aluminium bifold doorsuPVC bifold doors and timber bifold doors feature ultra-slim sightlines to ensure unimpeded views and maximum light entry.


An innovative door style that’s efficient and easy to operate

So what exactly are bifold doors and are they right for your home? Both our interior and exterior bifold doors offer amazing flexibility in design and are remarkably easy to operate – with built in top and bottom aluminium roller tracks for an amazingly smooth operation. Newview can also supply bifold doors with lower thresholds to allow for easier wheelchair or pushchair access.

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Bifold doors for modern, open plan living

With bifolding doors from Newview, you’re able to seamlessly link your indoor and outdoor living spaces. Unlike more traditional patio or French doors, bifold doors allow you to create especially wide openings which create a sense of open plan living.

Bifolds made the way you want

Newview can provide bifolding doors up to seven panes in length which can be used either internally or externally. Our bifold doors allow for the creation of large, spacious areas which greatly extend your available living space. To match your home, our bifolds can be supplied in a range of colours including:

  • White
  • Cream
  • Grey
  • Various woodgrain finishes

Bifolding doors made for use all year round

Newview are able to install your bifolds in a number of different configurations, so you can choose where the main door is positioned in your bifolding system. This means we can supply you with bifolds to fit virtually any installation space.

They also feature flush folding ‘D handles’ which mean that the door can be made completely flat to maximise living space when closed, as well as enhancing aesthetics.

For great aesthetics and usability all year round, our bifold doors are designed with ultra slim sightlines which allow light to flood into your property. Unlike other doors available on the market, they also feature a trim which is designed to conceal the seals between the door leaves, creating a clean aesthetic which means that you can enjoy more of the outside, more of the time – even from within your home.

Efficient and easy to operate uPVC & aluminium bifolding doors

Both our interior and exterior bifolding doors offer amazing flexibility in design and are remarkably easy to operate – with built in top and bottom aluminium roller tracks for an amazingly smooth operation. Newview can also supply bifold doors with lower thresholds to allow for easier wheelchair or pushchair access.

With a square edged profile, our bifolding doors also boast a more efficient seal along the door’s edges, which makes them more energy efficient by retaining the heat from within your home. It also helps to keep out draughts and water ingress from the outside. Our doors meet British Standard requirements for safety, security and weathertightness which means that your doors not only look good but performs at the highest levels.

Which rooms could benefit from bifold doors?

Bifold doors can work cohesively with many different kinds of rooms. This is by no means an exhaustive list, it is, however, a list of rooms that we feel truly shine aesthetically with the addition of a bifold door.

Extension with bifold doors

A home extension can be a conservatory, an orangery or just a good old single-storey extension. No matter which one of these is yours, bifold doors will massively enrich the way it looks and creates a space that’s filled with light.

Summerhouse with bifold doors

A summerhouse is a great addition to a household property as it allows you to have a separate room in your garden that you can spend time in to relax during the hotter part of the year, and if you’re looking to retain that outside atmosphere then bifold doors are perfect.

Garden room with bifold doors

Similar to a summerhouse, a garden room differentiates itself by being usable all year round. Once again, bifold doors can make it a more enjoyable place to be by providing a way for copious amounts of light to be let in.

Kitchen with bifold doors

Even a kitchen can be improved by having bifold doors fitted as they can create an environment where you can dine and cook with the outside world shining in on you.

Bifold security and workings

An important asset of any door is that it does a good at keeping you safe and secure within your own home and a bifold door is perfect for that.

Are bifold doors secure?

Bifold doors certainly are secure. They’re fitted with a multi-point locking system and an inline tracking system, but what exactly are these things and how do they help?

How do bifold doors work?

The multi-point locking system on a bifold door means it’s almost impenetrable and the inline tracking system means it’ll be extraordinarily difficult for an intruder to try and lift your doors out of place.


How can we help you?

If you’d like to know more about how bifold doors work and if they’re suitable for your home, please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your options with one of our experts.

Newview can help you to select, design and install bifold doors to enhance your home, get in touch by emailing sales@newviewhomes.co.uk or call us on 01903 244449.


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