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Corporate Social Responsibility

Helping people across the world

We take our responsibilities as a business seriously and do everything we can to help the local community as well as the wider world. By providing energy efficient products we can help reduce your home’s impact on the environment. We ensure we recycle our waste as much as possible and all our timber is sustainably sourced.

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We are pleased to be involved with AquAid; a company who provides our bottled water and water coolers. They donate a percentage of the money spent on their products to The Africa Trust and Christian Aid . So far AquAid has helped bring life-saving water to more than two million people.

Our relationship with AquAid allows us to help those less fortunate by buying AquAid water and water coolers, changing lives across Africa. The funds from AquAid are used to build ‘Elephant Pumps’ across Zimbabwe, Malawi and other African countries. This is a modern version of an old pulley rope system and provides safe drinking water for more than 300 people.

A water pump eliminates the risk of diseases which are rife across areas of Africa. Many people need to walk for miles to access safe water and these pumps prevent this.The pumps increase the sustainability of these communities and gives them the chance of a better life. These pumps, which we are sponsoring the build of, can also help the local economy by allowing banana plantations to be set up. This can help contribute to the children’s school fees.

Putting people first

We are proud to support this great charity while also providing our staff with accessible drinking water. If you would like to find out further information about AquAid or the charities they support please click here.

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