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Caring for your Windows and Doors

How to care for your windows and doors

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There’s no doubting that your windows and doors go through a lot. When they’re not having to deal with the ever-fickle British weather – beautiful sunshine one minute, and torrential rain the next – they have to withstand the effects of pollution, dirt, wind and more.

To keep your windows and doors looking and performing as good as new, it’s therefore important that you ensure they’re well maintained. A little time invested every now and then can help make a real difference to how your home’s windows and doors look and perform, as well as helping to increase their longevity.

There are of course some general tips you should follow when it comes to caring for your windows and doors. For instance, always use the appropriate cleaners for each material – never use glass cleaner on frames and do not use kitchen or bathroom cleaners and abrasive pads. Generally, we would recommend cleaning your windows and doors at least two to three times per year.

Looking after uPVC, aluminium windows and doors

Luckily for you, modern uPVC and aluminium windows and doors are designed to be low maintenance, but there are still some things you can do to keep things in order. Most of the cleaning you’ll have to do will be general, and for this we advise:

  • To wipe off general dirt, use a non-abrasive soft cloth along with some water and soap
  • Grease marks on window and door frames can be removed using mainly washing up liquid, followed with water. It’s important to clean the window/door in this order, applying the washing up liquid first

There will be times when soapy water just isn’t going to cut it – your windows and doors may be covered in ground-in dirt or have some long-lasting stubborn stains. For these, we recommend taking the following action:

  • For stubborn stains, first use a micro fibre cloth along with some warm water and a small amount of detergent. If the stains remain after a few wipe downs, use a uPVC cream cleanser. These are amazingly effective on uPVC windows and doors and can help to remove virtually all blemishes
  • With aluminium windows and doors, we also recommend a provisional clean with a soft micro fibre cloth and a small amount of soap. If the aluminium has been neglected and the stains remain, scrub the affected areas with washing up liquid along with a small amount of water and a fibre brush. Finish with a rinse of water and repeat until clean

Timber window and door maintenance

Timber windows and doors understandably require more care than uPVC or aluminium alternatives, especially if they are reasonably old. Though all of our timber windows and doors are designed to be long-lasting and weather resistant, it’s still important to maintain their coated finishes. This helps to keep them looking good as new, and extends the life of the product. For both wooden windows and doors, we recommend the following:

  • For general care, the cleaning process is similar to that of uPVC or aluminium windows. Soft micro fibre cloths, water and soap/washing up liquid will get rid of the majority of dirt and blemishes. Grease marks can be similarly treated, using washing up liquid followed by a rinse of water
  • Chips and scratches should be repainted as soon as possible. When you identify that your window/door has been damaged, prepare the scratch or chip by removing any dirt from the area using a wet cloth. Apply a micro-porous finish with a brush after carefully rubbing down the area beforehand
  • Occasionally you’ll need to recoat your timber window or door: it’s recommended that you inspect this each year. However, If not done correctly, this has the potential to spoil the look of your home so caution is advised – contact a specialist who can repaint your products for you if you are unsure. If you do wish to attempt this yourself, we recommend using a micro-porous paint as they need stripping less often, and always carefully prepare your window/door beforehand

For full care information download the Newview Window & Door Care & Maintenance Manual 


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